Plan Your Commercial Renovation to Maximise Your Benefits

Draw up a rough sketch of how you would initially layout your commercial space. Use this sketch as the starting point in an on-going conversation with your building contractor during the period of renovation.
The contractor will undoubtedly have suggestions of certain materials to use and tips to improving the initial sketch into a working plan.

Your plan should take into consideration benefits to your employees, customers and the company’s image. Weigh each of these factors carefully. It’s easier to do something correctly from the beginning than it is to go back and correct something that is wrong.

Take your time to ensure that your plan covers everything you need to accomplish in the renovation.

Emphasise the Value of Your Employees in Your Renovation

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Take advantage of your employee’s different points of view in arriving at a finished floor-plan of the renovation. They all have valid perspectives on their individual job functions that you may not be aware of.

Use their experience and job knowledge to your advantage. You’ll come out with a better overall plan and your employees will be happier and more productive in their new space.

A Commercial Renovation Should Enhance Your Company Image

We are not talking about branding every surface in sight with the company logo. We’re talking about having an efficient, intelligently-designed workspace that emphasises smart management and employee productiveness.

This will stand out to visitors, customers and investors alike. It will silently speak to the foresight and attention to detail that a company puts into everything it does. It will also speak to the care and value that a company holds for its employees.

An efficient, pleasant and welcoming workspace is a valuable facet of every company’s image. It’s something to be admired, envied and copied by others.

A well-designed workspace should reflect the company’s values and give a bit of insight into what the company lifestyle is like. A light, clean, quiet and uncluttered environment is what every commercial renovation should be after.

Learn How to Optimise Your Space to Suit Your Business

When you first decide on going ahead with your commercial renovation, spend some time just observing how your employees interact with each other on a daily basis. Make note of the traffic patterns that are generated by them as they move through the workspace.

Try to even out all the traffic patterns. An employee that is forced to work beside an area of high traffic is likely to be distracted from their job more often than someone who is off in a corner.

Don’t place a salesman whose job is to talk on the phone all day next to an accountant who needs to quietly concentrate on a spread-sheet.

A well-designed workspace is one that minimises distractions for every employee and takes their job functions into consideration in creating a layout that benefits everyone.