Every Office Renovation is an Improvement to the Company as a Whole

Every time you renovate your office, you also have a golden opportunity to correct the office workflow, improve morale, enhance your corporate image and save on future overhead costs.

A well-planned office renovation should achieve all of these benefits. By talking with your office workers, you can get a lot of great ideas and they will appreciate being included in offering their suggestions.

A successful office renovation should breathe new life into a work environment and have a positive effect on the productivity of your employees.

An Office Renovation is Not a DIY Project

Never undertake an office renovation on your own. Hire a qualified contractor to do the job for you. Not only will your project be completed within the quoted time-frame, every aspect of the renovation work will be done correctly.

Never treat the renovation as a DIY project. Handling it that way only sets the stage for resentment, recriminations and finger-pointing later on if something goes terribly wrong.

Get Creative with Your Work Environment

Getting creative in planning changes to your work environment can not only increase your office’s productivity, it can save you money as well.

The trend these days is toward an open-plan office. This increases communication and a sense of equality among employee. It saves you material costs as well by not having to install as many interior office walls.

Introducing colour into the work environment can go a long way toward improving the office morale and the public image of your company.

But before you embrace any new trends in office design, think carefully about any negative impacts they might have on your particular type of business. You don’t want to rush into adopting any new trend if it prevents you from performing certain activities that are vital to your business.

Update Fixtures to Save Costs

The office renovation is also the perfect time to perform updates to an office’s fixtures that will save on overhead costs in the future. This is also the time to accommodate for any expected future growth in the company.

If your company is experiencing a rise in its reliance on computers and other electrical devices, now is the time to ensure that your building’s wiring can handle the increasing electrical load.

If you occupy an old building with single-glazed windows, consider replacing them with double-glazed panes. The money you save on energy costs will more than pay for them.

As a general rule, spend as much as you can on materials. The difference in cost between materials comes down to quality and durability. Cheaper materials have to be replaced much more often.

Using more expensive materials will also save you from repeated future disruptions and added costs of having to replace the materials again and again. These higher quality materials also give a boost to the company’s corporate image.